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In the Archaeological Museum of Athens published “to pay tribute to antikaixila mechanical plant” the masterpiece a year later, replica Hublot launch “antikaixila the Moon” watches, highly accurate indication of position of the Sun and the moon.

Antikaixila mechanical device is the most mysterious device in the history of human civilization. In 1901 in Greece was found in the waters, and is considered to be the first in human history “astronomical Calculator”, whose history dates back to the 2nd century BC.

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On April 5, 2012, including the Titanic jewelry and all original, antikaixila plant remains were placed together, one by one on display in the prestigious exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece Culture Minister personally and for their opener. For the international archaeology and the scientific community, this is a significant event. The goods on display, there is a “tribute to the antikaixila mechanical plant” watches, HUBLOT to human history, is the first “astronomical Calculator” salute and the development of complex wrist device. This is the first time in history a watch brand is exhibiting its products at the Museum.

fake HUBLOT only production has four gold with paragraph wrist table, each gold are called original mechanical device of precision miniature complex carved products: first gold in Paris process Museum displayed, second gold in Athens National Museum displayed, third gold was HUBLOT replica collection, as engineers and tab technician are of excellence skills and delicate process of Memorial, fourth gold is in 2014 of one unique of auction will be for sold.

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In 2013, BASELWORLD, HUBLOT has launched “antikaixila the Moon” watches. This chronograph limited edition collection 20 pieces, as a simplification and a miniature version of the original mechanical devices, to pay tribute to the ancient masterpieces.

Antikaixila Sun Moon watch include a solar calendar and a calendar and display the position of the Sun and the Moon the stars. This means that the wearer can not only be read through the quality replica watch time and very accurately know one day moon phase, specific to the Moon in the sky, Moon behind the constellation names and the Moon by the time needed for a sign. On the same day, the watch can show the sun behind the constellations, and specified by the Sun in the time required to a sign. This watch includes a flying Tourbillon, one revolution per minute to indicate seconds, hour and minutes from the side of the dial pointer to a traditional movement of the Central display. Frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Power reserve for 120 hours.

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