replica Big Bang Unico Kobe Vino Bryant

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Big Bang Unico Kobe Vino Bryant

At the time of opening of the first boutique in San Francisco, Woo ships work together to brand Ambassador for Kobe Bryant to launch new book,–replica Big Bang UNICO Kobe Vino double retrograde chronograph watches Bryant. It is understood that this new double retrograde chronograph Big Bang UNICO called Vino (Kobe’s nickname), is the world’s first mechanical watches designed specially for basketball game time.
replica Big Bang UNICO Kobe Vino Bryant double retrograde swiss made replica Rolex chronograph style, as Kobe Bryant off the basketball court-style taste. Strap, caulking and dials are decorated with wine red color scheme and basketball elements cleverly integrated into multiple layers frosted on the dial in red wine displays, equipped with space ship table basketball game designed specifically for its double chronograph retrograde innovation. Green glass casing insertion at the end of rare earth minerals, anti-glare treatment, with Kobe Bryant’s personal signature.

This new watch for 18K Black ceramic, two versions, each table comes with two interchangeable strap, respectively, wine-colored caulking black rubber strap with wine-colored caulking Python pattern strap. replica Hublot Big Bang

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