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Hublot King Power Juventus Watches

In August 2012, Juventus’s visit to Swiss and win over the team in the nest to capture Italy Super Cup champion at the same time, this legendary team signed a contract formally announced that HUBLOT for the Club official timekeeper and official watch, close cooperation and 2012-2013 season.

Hublot King Power Juventus Black

Today, in order to the Italy salute champion, Juventus fans eagerly, HUBLOT released a Grand classic color watch inspired by Juventus Football Club to celebrate this is Italy people affectionately called “old lady” legendary team made a brilliant record in the 2012-2013 season.

Hand-picked by the Juventus Football Club, space ship table “extreme Juventus of the King” is made of carbon fiber material, limited edition collector’s 200, case diameter 48 mm, domineering. Watches by HUBLOT completely independent production of carbon fiber parts, extremely lightweight, and has excellent shock-proof. With a HUB4245 Chronograph, two hand is very clear, easy to read, ensuring that reading faster and more efficient. A glimpse of the wearer to simply and you can see two pointers: first hand and display seconds, another pointer is a HUBLOT special research shows at halftime of the football game for 45 minutes of playing time.

King Power Juventus Club’s iconic image of black and white color shades, Sapphire Aero Bang hollow under the mirror movements are clearly visible. Through the hollow handle of the movement as a whole, making each of the parts of the machine running beauty show net. Watch only retains the function at the top of the materials necessary to run. Exterior cover black ruthenium-coated so that the entire watch colors more uniform full of beauty, like Luxury Rolex watches and that reading is clear. The minute count at the 9 o’clock position the dial at the 4 o’clock position, and the Calendar pane and the 3 o’clock position of the Juventus football club logo, using the iconic black and white color. Design as closely associated with the legends of the Club in the last link, black natural rubber strap sewn on White leather, black stripes leather Central interval. This design inspiration directly from the team’s graphic identity, to perfect this watch.

Perfect Replica Hublot Classic Fusion

In Italy, Juventus football club itself is a splendid monument of history. The Club was founded in 1897, is Italy one of the oldest three football clubs in history. Besides has the most supporters in addition to Juventus in Italy awards a maximum of, and is world-wide one of the most successful and recognized. According to the authorized institution of FIFA–“International Association of football history and statistics” (Football History and Statistics) statistics, Juventus was in the 20th century Italy the best football club, is also the second-best club in Europe.

Is also because the two sides cooperate, HUBLOT has been further established the position in the world’s top football. Since 2006, HUBLOT become the first football field in the history of luxury brands. Following the World Cup, the European Cup’s official timekeeper and official watch, HUBLOT also include United Kingdom Manchester United, Germany Bayern Munich Club, Netherlands AJAX Soccer Club, and many other top football clubs reached a cooperation, becoming official timekeeper and official watch of these legends team.

replica Hublot King Power